Subterranean Termite Control Portland

Subterranean Termites Workers,Soldier and Reproductives

Photos courtesy Rudolph Scheffrahn, University of Florida

Termites living in nature convert dead wood and other organic materials containing cellulose to humus.  One-celled organisms in their digestive tracts permit them to digest this organic material.  In nature these animals are very beneficial; however, when homes are built in their natural areas termites are capable of considerable damage.



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Ant Control Portland

Fire AntsAnts Come in many types from the tiny Pharaoh ant to the destructive Carpenter ant.  Not all are bad.  Many provide a beneficial service.  These, of course, are not inside your house. Read about the various types and familiarize yourself with the problems that can be solved with a few housekeeping tips.   We are always ready to provide you with a Free Estimate should you need professional relief from an infestation.

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