Cold weather is here, and people across the Portland Northwest are turning on their heaters for the first time. As we start nestling in for the cold and rainy season, someone else is seeking warmth and comfort too! Between the cozy atmosphere and a steady stream of cookie crumbs and comfort food scraps in the garbage bin, your home has an alluring appeal to mice and rats. Once they find a way in, they’ll invite all their friends and family over for the holidays – and believe me, they have a LOT of obscure relatives!

The best way to keep mice and rats from making your nest their home, is to make sure they can’t find a way in. Start by looking for any vents, such as the ones from laundry appliances. Not only do they provide an entry point, but they also blow enticingly warm air outdoors. We recommend putting screens over all vents and entry points. It’s also a good idea to check your foundation for any holes or cracks, especially where any gas or water pipes enter. Mice and rats have the incredible ability to squeeze through the smallest of spaces. Once inside, they’ll seek out dark hiding places. They’ll chew their way into cardboard boxes and nest in that pair of rollerblades you haven’t used since the late 90’s. Cleaning clutter and making sure they don’t have access to hiding places and food will make all the difference.

But say they’ve already moved in? What if your no-good new roommates are already eating your food and leaving their messes everywhere? American Extermination Plus is here to help you issue the eviction notice. Our technicians are experts at finding and sealing entry points. Then, we strategically place special locking bait boxes that are kid and pet safe, and eliminate the problem quickly. Most infestations can be cleared within a month. With quarterly bait box refills and entry point inspections, we make sure they don’t come back- so you never have to worry about these unwelcome guests again!

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