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We have provided service to Portland and the surrounding counties  since 1993 and have the experience you need to get the job done. Providing Pest Extermination Services for Ants, Rodents, Hornets and Wasps, Spiders and more.  We are here to help with your pest extermination needs.   Structural Pests like Termites and Carpenter Ants cause substantial damage to a structure, don’t wait call today. We provide pest control that targets pests and not you.   We offer our services to residential and commercial businesses.  If bugs bother you, we can help.


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Our Goal

At American Extermination Plus Inc. our goal is to provide quality service and treatments to solve your pest problems throughout Portland and the surrounding counties.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Outstanding Service
Out Standing Service

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been using the American Extermination Plus, Inc. company for a little over a year now. Our ant problem had been going strong for a couple of years before we called for help. During the course of our first year, I watched Cody, our American Extermination service person, go above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to try an eradicate the infestation in our home. He has always been extremely polite and thoughtful in our home, as well as informative with the measures he was using. I have left Cody alone several times to spray around our home and his level of professionalism and integrity are something I am very much impressed with. When Cody felt he needed a fresh pair of eyes on our exceptionally bad ant infestation, he called his supervisor, Larry, in to brainstorm new ways to combat our problem. Both gentleman have shown me what true customer service is all about. I would not hesitate to recommend American Extermination Plus, Inc. to family and friends and have passed out brochures to my neighbors hoping they too would use this outstanding company.



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Our Technicians

Our Technicians participate in on-going educational opportunities through the Oregon Pest Control Association and from our product suppliers, as new treatment procedures and products are introduced we are always looking for ways to improve the service we provide.  Keeping up to date with regulatory changes is important so customers can be confident that we value them and want to keep them safe.

Our inspections

American Extermination Plus, Inc. performs thorough inspections before talking about treatment programs and prices. The pest inspection is essential to solving pest problems and in determining the type of pest management services needed. Many details are considered before a treatment plan and cost for services can be determined. Protective and corrective measures must be integrated into treatments to keep pests from causing significant problems. Once the Pest Control Professional has an idea of the measures and cautions needed to treat an infestation they will be able to provide an appropriate recommendation for treatment and a quote for the service.  This method emphasizes inspection, detection, correction, and protection using low – impact pesticides applied in a manner that minimizes exposure and risk to non-target areas.  IPM is an environmentally sensitive way of managing pests. Nonchemical treatments, proper sanitation and pest-proofing will increase the success of pest management programs and treatments.

Our Services

The initial treatment is the most comprehensive treatment targeting pests where they live.   After this we may perform regular service on monthly or quarterly scheduled follow up visits to monitor and provide additional treatment as needed.  It is also possible to have service between scheduled visits by calling our office.  It is important to have 30 days between any treatment to allow the products time to work.  You may cancel your program at any time after the first year, we ask that you please do so in writing and allow 30 days advanced notice.  This can be done by sending a letter through the mail or by sending an email to our office with the appropriate information.  Although we hope that you will continue your program we understand that circumstances change. Reminder postcards are mailed to inform you of upcoming service, allowing you time to schedule an appointment for indoor service as needed. We encourage setting these appointments, using this time to communicate to the technician what you have noticed and where.  This is helpful information used to solve your pest issue. If indoor service is not scheduled we will perform outdoor service and no appointment is necessary.

We offer four service plans to meet your extermination needs.  Every situation is evaluated by a state licensed and company certified technician.  After a thorough inspection, the technician will develop a treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Platinum Eagle Service

The Platinum Eagle Service is A.E.P.I’s most comprehensive service combining pests from both the Golden Eagle and Silver Eagle service. 

Golden Eagle Service

The Golden Eagle Service targets wood-destroying pests that can cause substantial damage to the structure of a home. 

Silver Eagle Service

The Silver Eagle Service covers all ant species and listed general pests with a focuses on nuisance pests and those that may be a health risk. 

Bronze Eagle Service

The Bronze Eagle Service covers a single type of pest only.  A single general or wood-destroying pest covered by the Platinum Eagle Service can be targeted.   

(Each Service covers listed pests only)

See our complete list of services for more details. 


American Extermination Plus, Inc.

  • We exist to help homeowners, renters, and business owners, by eliminating unwanted pests in their homes, apartments, and commercial properties.
  • We apply only EPA registered materials in strict accordance with state and federal guidelines.
  • We believe in and incorporate the principles of Integrated Pest Management into all treatments. This reduces exposure to pesticides and maintains a healthy environment for our customers.
  • We strive to go beyond contracted expectations to show our customers that we truly do care about you.

If you find that we have not lived up to these high standards, please feel free to call me in person at our headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon.  My phone number is (503) 681-9800

Larry S. Dillon – President
American Extermination Plus, Inc.

Why Choose American Extermination

Why we exist

American Extermination Plus, Inc, exists to help homeowners, renters, and business owners, by eliminating unwanted pests. We are a local company that started in the garage of our home which we quickly outgrew and moved to our current location. We believe in and incorporate the principles of Integrated Pest Management into all pest management strategies.  A method of applying corrective measures to reduce or eliminate pest infestations using sanitation or mechanical methods and other non-chemical treatments in addition to low-impact pesticide applications.  This method helps to reduce exposure to pesticides with a focus on inspection, detection, correction, and protection helping to maintain a healthy environment for our customers.  We apply only EPA registered materials in strict accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Our commitment

American Extermination Plus, Inc. made a commitment to use the safest products available that will also do a very good job for our customers.  Every product is EPA registered and used in strict accordance with state and federal guidelines.  Using Integrated pest management provides methods for controlling or eliminating a pest infestation and reducing exposure to pesticides, therefore; maintaining a healthy environment for our customers.

Our promise to you

We cannot promise that our treatment will be your final experience with bugs, so our promise to you is that if your bugs come back so will we, you must be an active customer in good standing.  We cannot re-treat within 30 days.  This allows the treatment to have time to work and minimizes your exposure to the products used.

Request a Free Inspection

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    Selling Your Home?

    If there are treatments remaining on your program they can be transferred to the new owner and they will be given the opportunity to continue the current contract for the agreed terms.  We are very happy to have your new home on a program with us.  The conditions, and the environment can be very different from house to house and we will inspect your new house at no charge.

    Using the Safest Products Available

    Though we have committed to using the safest products available no pesticide is entirely safe and each person’s level of risk tolerance is different.  Every pesticide is toxic if the exposure level is high enough.  Minimizing the amount of pesticide used and selecting lower toxicity products reduces exposure helping to minimize the hazards associated with using pesticides.  Experiencing health problems from a pesticide depends on the toxicity of the pesticide and the amount of exposure.  The EPA has an article about the level of risk and I recommend reading this to gain better understanding about pesticides and the risk levels assigned to them.  The pesticide label reflects research and information with the proper procedure for applying products, in what mixture, how much and where it is legal to place the product.  This is information that pest professional’s must know.  Using these products responsibly in combination with Integrated Pest Management is a commitment American Extermination Plus, Inc made the day we opened and still make today.

    Environmentally friendly or safe

    Please don’t be fooled by claims that “products are environmentally friendly or environmentally safe” The very nature of pest control, in and around the residential homes and commercial establishments, must alter the environment to create an area that is not open to occupation by unwanted pests.  If applied properly, low-impact pesticide applications will not hurt the larger environment and will only effect the immediate area of treatment.  We do this in a manner that does not do serious damage to the environment and as mandated by the Federal authorities.  In some cases, we can alter the environment with no sprays at all such as door sweeps, caulking, spider sweeps, traps, and other methods.

    Oregon Pest Control Association

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    Service Areas

    Offering service to the metropolitan areas of Multnomah County, Clackamas County, Washington County and Marion County or rural Columbia County and Yamhill County to  the coast from Clatsop County to Tillamook County since 1993.  We know what pests are active in your area and have the experience needed to protect your home or business. Each area can contact us through a specialized phone number that will help us to activate our local pest control technicians.  We have a toll-free phone number (800) 455-4514 if you wish to contact us that way or click the blue box above and leave us a message so we can contact you and set an appointment for your free inspection.

    American Extermination Plus, Inc.

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