Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control

American Extermination Plus: Since 1993

We provide Hillsboro with quality pest control & extermination.

Many times, there are questions about the services we offer that need to be answered. These are the answers to some of the most common ones we receive. Being in business for over 20 years has taught us that putting our customers first is the only way to do business. Get in contact with us today for the best Pest Control Service in the Portland area.

How much does your service cost?

There are many variables that affect the cost of pest control services, and there really is no such thing as a one price fits all treatment. That is why American Extermination Plus, Inc. (A.E.P.I.) prefers to come to your home or business and perform a thorough inspection at no charge before talking about programs and prices. We need to know about your home or business, the environment around your home or business, and a number of things prior to talking about a treatment program and prices.

What kind of chemicals do you use?

American Extermination Plus, Inc. (A.E.P.I.) was founded on the idea that we would always choose to use the safest products available that will also do a very good job for our customers. We have been faithful to that now for over 25 years. Remember, when other companies promise “all natural products”, not everything that is natural is good for you and your pets.

Do the products you use hurt the environment?

Please don’t be fooled by claims that “products are environmentally friendly or environmentally safe”. The very nature of pest control, in and around residential homes and commercial establishments, has to do with altering the environment to create an area that is not open to occupation by unwanted pests.

If applied properly, these chemical treatments will not hurt the larger environment.  They only affect the immediate area of treatment. In some cases, we can alter the immediate environment with no sprays at all. Such as by installing door sweeps, caulking, etc.

We do this in a manner that does not do serious damage to the environment and as mandated by the Federal authorities. In some cases, we can alter the environment with no sprays at all. Such as door sweep, caulking, etc.

Do I have to sign up for monthly service?

In most cases, a monthly service is not required. However, for more aggressive infestations, repeated treatment may be required.

How do I know that you will stand behind your warranty?

We cannot promise that our treatment will be your final experience with bugs, so our promise, to you, is that if your bugs come back so will we, as long as you are an active customer in good standing. We can not re-treat within 30 days.  This allows the treatment to have time to work and minimizes your exposure.

We have been in business at the same location now since 1993 and we have kept a very clean record with the Better Business Bureau and the Oregon Attorney General. You can easily check us out. BBB phone # is 503-226-3981 and the Attorney General’s phone number is 503-378-4400.

Do you belong to any trade associations?

Yes! We are members in good standing of both the Oregon Pest Control Association and the National Pest Management Association. We have been active members of the OPCA since 1994 and active members of the NPMA since about 2000. The OPCA has an ethics committee to help deal with any complaints against members of the association.

Is American Extermination Plus, Inc. a big national company or franchise?

The answer to that is NO. We were started in the founder’s garage in Hillsboro Oregon, with no customers, and just a handful of employees. We outgrew our garage in just a few months and have been in the same location now since October 1993.

We are an independent business not affiliated with the larger national franchises.

Can I cancel my program then reinstate it without any additional fees?

When we treat a house for unwanted pests we put a lot into the initial treatment often taking a number of hours to complete that process. Then we perform regular service at intervals to help keep the pests away. When you cancel the program you just might let the pests get restarted and entrenched again. That would require us to re-do the initial service to rid the home of the pests again. So, unless you reinstate your standing with A.E.P.I. quite quickly we may have to do the initial treatment over and we would have to charge you for that.

Is my program transferable to my new house?

We are very happy to have your new house on a program with us and we may be able to transfer your existing service to your new home. We are only able to transfer General Pest service programs due to the extensive work required to prevent and treat Wood Destroying Organisms. If your current service covers Wood Destroying Organisms, we may be able to transfer a General Pest service in its place depending on the needs of your new structure. We can inspect your new house for you at no charge to see if you even need to have it on a program.

Is my program transferable to the new owners if I sell my house?

Yes. We need to be notified about the name change and get new phone numbers and etc. so the new owners should contact AEPI as soon as possible after they take possession of the house.

How can I know that A.E.P.I. will do what the sales rep said you would do?

We have carefully written our agreement document to cover everything that we could think of. If there is something else that needs to happen then it must be in writing and we will honor it as long as it is in agreement with the intent of the overall document. We want to have a very clear understanding of our obligations and your obligations.

The sales rep is not at liberty to change the intent or meaning of the document, only the officers of the company can make changes to the agreement.  The sales rep can help you determine which services are needed.

It is very important to Read Your Service Agreement to verify the services that have been chosen.