Customers on monthly and quarterly service programs understand that the first year of the agreement must be completed as agreed to by both parties.   After the first year, all monthly and quarterly service programs will automatically renew, or they may be canceled by either party upon submission of a written notice 30 days in advance.  American Extermination Plus, Inc. expressly reserves the right to raise the monthly or quarterly fee.  All correspondence should be mailed to our main office at 2770 SE TV Hwy Hillsboro, OR 97123.

The customer may, and is encouraged to call the office and schedule a complete inspection of the crawl space area one time each year.  This should be done during one time each year.  This should be done during one of the regular monthly or quarterly visits (winter months are excellent for this).  We may contact you for this during the winter months.  However, responsibility for scheduling all crawl space inspections remains with the customer.

The program that you purchased may cover pests that you do not have right now.  If you develop a problem with a pest that is not covered on your program we can upgrade your service agreement for an additional charge.  Please call us.  Please keep in mind that it is normal to continue seeing certain types of pests for as long as 3 to 6 weeks after a treatment.  Please don’t panic, it does take time for the products to work.  It is even possible to see more rather than fewer pests as they are now being excluded from their normal nesting and foraging areas.  This can cause them to be more visible for a while.  You may call us if they are still active after 30 days.

Concerning Rats and Mice: American Extermination Plus, Inc. can not be responsible for odors caused by dead bodies.  Specifically, we can not remove or replace insulation or open inaccessible areas such as wall voids, etc., to hunt for odors caused by dead bodies.  We can pick up dead bodies while performing our regular quarterly or monthly services if the bodies are in fully accessible areas, at no additional charge.  Additional visits to retrieve bodies will result in an additional charge equal to our hourly rate.  Additionally, this agreement does not include sealing entry holes to prevent rats or mice from entering, unless specifically stated on the front side of the agreement.

If we are treating subterranean termites, rodents, or roaches, at your house we want to reinspect it in about 30 to 60 days to insure success.  You may call our main office at (503) 681-9800 to schedule this important inspection, treatment any time Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm.

For our treatment to be most effective, the home owner agrees to help us by keeping shrubs and other vegetation at least 12” from the house and the soil around the foundation at least 6” from the bottom edge of any wood.  Soil includes gravel and barkdust.

A late payment fee of $10.00 will be billed against all accounts more than 30 days over due.  This fee covers postage, handling, and administrative expenses only. 1.5% additional interest per month may also be charged against accounts more than 30 days overdue.  Lawyer fees, collection fees, and any other costs associated with collections will be added to your bill.

MSDS reports are always available upon request from our main office.

Limited Warranty

American Extermination Plus, Inc. warrants only against infestations of the listed pests on the program that the customer has chosen as long as the program is active and all payments are up to date.  Customer may call upon American Extermination Plus, Inc. for retreatments, up to a max, of once every 30 days, if necessary.  There is no warranty against structural damage or damage to contents caused by the listed pests.   American Extermination Plus, Inc. makes no expressed or implied warranties or promises beyond the terms and conditions listed in this written agreement.  Reinspection and retreatment, by American Extermination Plus, Inc., for pests listed on the customers program are the customers sole remedy under this agreement.

SPECIAL NOTE: Changes to “additional Terms” and/or “Limited Warranty” may only be executed in writing by an officer of American Extermination Plus, Inc.