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Professional Pest Inspection

For a homeowner, a professional pest inspection is an important way to determine the level of need for your home pest control services near Portland. During an inspection, the home pest control inspector will gather data pertinent to your home, its surrounding environment, and any pest infestation you may have. This information will enable the pest control inspector to advise you, the homeowner, of which service is best for your unique situation.

The Home Pest Control Inspector is looking for:

  • evidence of a pest infestation
  • what food and water sources are available
  • conditions that may determine the type of treatments that are available for the circumstances and will be most effective
  • possible entry points that may be used by pests
  • if there are pets or other animals that need to be considered
  • who may be living in the home and what possible health issues may be present
  • the location of your home

At AEPI our priority is effectiveness and safety. The information we gather will allow us to analyze any problems you may have and provide the safest and most effective service for your needs.

A home pest control professional’s knowledge of insect behavior, reproductive habits, and food sources, helps them in locating insects and predicting their movements. Information such as moisture or lack of moisture the typical route taken to travel by insects and possible hiding places enables them to identify pests and the proper control measures to be used.

Integrated Pest Management

An Integrated Pest Management technique is a method of applying preventative or corrective measures to keep pest infestations down and provide pest control services with minimum risk or hazard. These steps may include removal of a food source, water, shelter, or other sanitation procedures. These procedures may reduce or eliminate the chemical control measures needed in eliminating a pest infestation and make lasting control possible.

Each pest control service must be analyzed separately; four basic steps are involved.

  1. Inspection
  2. Detection
  3. Correction
  4. Prevention

The pest inspection is essential to solving pest problems and in determining the type of pest control services needed. It is important to be able to talk with the homeowner and gather as much information as possible to ensure an effective and economical treatment plan. Once the Pest Control Professional has an idea of the measures that may be necessary he or she can make an appropriate recommendation. This recommendation may include measures the homeowner needs to accomplish such as harborage removal, building repairs, or other sanitation measures.

Preparing for an Inspection

How to prepare for your professional home inspection.

  • Call and set an appointment at a time you are available to talk with the Professional Pest Control Inspector.
  • Provide access to the crawl space. (sometimes the Attic depending on the pest)
  • If there are pets, please secure them in a safe place until the inspector leaves.
  • Time for the Inspector to complete a thorough inspection to gather the information needed to provide a recommendation for you.

At American Extermination Plus Inc. we provide professional pest inspections at no charge to you. Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to make pest control decisions that will help protect your home and family. Our service plans are designed to fit the needs of the individual home and family. Please call us today to set an appointment with our Pest Control Inspector.

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