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Multnomah County Pest Control Services

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American Extermination Plus, Inc. is a local pest extermination service located in the Portland Metropolitan area.  Our home office opened in Hillsboro Oregon and we have been providing service for the Portland area from the beginning.  Locally owned and operated we know what pests are common to our area and how best to keep them from invading your space.  Our Pest Services target pests where they live preventing unnecessary exposure to people or pets. Our company was founded in 1993 and yet has 30 years of experience in eliminating pests.  We know our industry and our experience can help with your pest issues.

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Service Area

American Extermination Plus, Inc. provides Pest Control Services to Portland and throughout Multnomah County. 

We cover the following cities and the surrounding areas.

NE Portland (503)254-4050 and SE Portland (503)297-4626.

Fairview, Gresham, Maywood Park, Portland, Troutdale, Wood Village, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Molalla, Tualatin, West Linn, and Wilsonville.  

Here is a map of Multnomah County, Oregon: 

If you live in any of these areas, please call us at (503) 254-4050  or (503) 297-4626 to request your free pest inspection. We are your local pest control specialists and pledge to be thorough,  consistent and reliable.  That’s just how we do business.

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    Pest management professionals at AEPI focus on pests that bother you.

    Many insects are beneficial and preform needed tasks in nature, they come into conflict with humans when they compete for the same food and shelter. Insects are numerous, adaptable, can reproduce at a rapid rate and have a great potential for survival.  Most insects do not harm human products or carry diseases harmful to humans. Yet many do carry disease, feed on human food, clothing, housing, and manufactured goods.  They annoy and sometimes injure humans and other animals through painful bites and stings.  Some insects can do a tremendous amount of damage to structures, weakening the structure and causing costly repairs.  These are the insects that pest management professionals at AEPI focus on.

    We Exterminate wood destroying pests such as: Subterranean Termites, Carpenter Ants, Wood Boring Beetles, or Wood Decay Fungi

    From the list above the most prevalent calls are for a Subterranean Termite Treatment or Carpenter Ant Treatment.  Undetected these pests can do substantial damage to a structure causing costly repairs.  These pests require an initial treatment and then follow up treatments.  It is rare that a onetime treatment would manage these pests.  With AEPI we offer an initial treatment and then quarterly follow up service.  If necessary monthly service is available for severe or complicated infestations.   Our Professional Pest Control Technician will be able to tell you which is right for your situation after they inspect and do a thorough evaluation. To learn more about wood destroying pests please visit our common pest page.

    We Exterminate General Pests such as: All Ant Species, Spiders, Roaches, Centipedes, Silverfish/Firebrats, Earwigs, Carpet Beetles, Mice/Rats, Sow Bugs, Wasps, Fleas, and Stored Product Pests. 

    Most general pest control calls are for Rodent Control Service (Mice/Rats), Cockroach Extermination, and Small Ant ControlWasp Nest Removal, Flea Control Treatment, and Spider Extermination and Control Services account for the seasonal calls.

    Rodent Control Service :Although Portland has programs that help with the control of mice and rats we do still have a substantial number of calls for this pest group.  Mice and Rats can cause damage to insulation they nest in, chew through wood and wires, and spread disease. They also cause an emotional anxiety in many that see them running across a kitchen floor or even in a garage sending them to the phone in search of immediate relief.  At AEPI we have programs to eliminate this pest, depending on the severity of the infestation follow up visits may be needed.  Careful product placement for safety of all concerned is always a consideration no matter what pest we provide treatment for.  For more information and how to advice on this pest visit our common pest page for Rats and Mice.  https://americanextermination.com/rat-control-portland

    Cockroach Extermination: Cockroaches account for a substantial amount of calls for service.   This pest is also an economic problem due to the contamination and health issues associated with an infestation.  The CDC considers a cockroach infestation an allergen source that may be an asthma trigger and it has been demonstrated they carry salmonella.  They have been known to infest hospitals, restaurants, zoos or supermarkets in shipping containers and cardboard boxes. They can be found in urban areas such as houses, apartments, hotels, or restaurants. It is a problem for businesses when they are brought in through deliveries of products or garbage areas that are unattended to.  One Cockroach produces a tremendous amount of anxiety in a business owner because it could close them down causing a loss in revenue and causing them to dispose of product at a great expense to them.  These pests can be difficult to manage and require multiple visits before control may be achieved and getting on top of this infestation early is important.

    AEPI has experience providing discrete treatment for this pest.  Trying to treat this pest on your own is not recommended because improper product placement could spread the infestation instead of eliminating it.  Professional expertise in dealing with this pest will provide the results you need.   One treatment will not rid you of this pest and follow up visits will be needed to gain control and eliminate these pests.  For more information visit our Cockroach page or our Cockroach Prevention and Do it yourself Advice.  https://americanextermination.com/cockroach-prevention-and-do-it-yourself-advice

    Small Ant Control: Small Ant infestations cause the same reactions as Rodents and Cockroaches due to their numbers and persistence.  Although they do not cause the structural damage that Carpenter Ants may cause they may be an indication of other issues needing attention in a structure.  This pest can be particularly difficult to control and one treatment will not eliminate this pest.  It is important to be patient in dealing with this pest and it is possible to see an increase in numbers for a short time after treatment because the ants are reacting to the products being used. These products do work to eliminate this pest because after getting in the product they return to the nest and spread the product to their nest mates.  AEPI has treated this pest many times and has the experience you need to be able to eliminate it. Learn more about Ants in the Pacific Northwest and tips for dealing with this pest by visiting our Ant Control Portland Page from the Common Pest Page https://americanextermination.com/common-pests

    To learn more about Spiders, Wasps, Fleas, or Bed Bugs visit our Common Pest page.   https://americanextermination.com/common-pests Spiders, Wasps, and Fleas may be covered as part of a service or may be on a service of their own.

    Fleas require follow up treatments to make sure there is not a recurrence due to eggs and pupa hatching. To prevent re-infestation, pets must be treated in conjunction with our service by a veterinary approved flea treatment.  AEPI can provide relief and total elimination of this pest.

    Wasps nesting in populated areas under eves, close to doors or sidewalks present a hazard.  We can help with these pests usually in one service call

    If you have an overabundance of Spiders often a spider sweep of the eves, lights, and door posts for egg sacs and spider webs is all that may be needed. Sometimes there is need for more help.  An inspection of the area will help us to know more about how AEPI will be able to help you.

    Bed Bugs have reemerged and spread across the U.S.  We have a treatment especially for these pests. Visit our bed bug page for identification and prevention tips.  We have completed many treatments for bedbugs and have been very successful in eliminating them.

    American Extermination cannot promise you will never see another pest.  We can promise that if you are on contract with our company we will come back and retreat if the pests persist.