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Bedbugs on Book

Book from Headboard infested with bedugs

You Found One Bed Bug-Now What?

PCT (Pest Control Technology) a Magazine for the pest control professional recently put out an article “You Found One Bed Bug -Now What? January 18, 2017″   Pest Control Professionals offer advice and suggestions to help determine if it is an infestation or an isolated bed bug sighting.  The information is directed to pest control professionals, however; this information is useful to all.   Finding Bedbugs can send us into a frenzy but does one bed bug indicate an infestation?  Could this be an isolated sighting?

Is it an infestation?

PCT Magazine suggests evaluation of the situation, one consideration may be the location where the bed bug was found. Bed bugs are looking to be fed, infesting in areas where a steady meal can be located.  One bed bug found in schools, public transportation or in the doctor’s waiting room may have come in on a backpack or article of clothing and will likely leave the same way.  This is likely not an area of an infestation because the goal of a meal for the bed bug will not be met.   The need for a regular food source of humans or animals resting for long periods of time helps them get established.

A small number of bed bugs in a home environment.

In a home inspectors can identify places bed bugs are most likely to hide and determine the severity and activity level of a possible infestation, possibly locating the source of an infestation such as luggage, furniture, sleeping bag or article of clothing helps to determine if an infestation is present.   Finding a small number of bed bugs may mean recommendations for preventative treatment programs such as placing out monitors, mattress encasements, reducing clutter, and frequent laundering of clothes and bedding, identifying a source of infestation in apartments and condominiums may be more difficult, as the source may be coming from next door, above, below or across the hall.  Therefore, the apartment manager must be involved to allow through inspection of the entire building and not just one unit.

So, what does this article in PCT magazine suggest?

  • “Take a deep Breath” one or a small number of bed bugs is not always a sign a large infestation is present.
  • Schools, public transportation or office buildings are more prone to “transient” bed bug sightings
  • Comprehensive inspections should be done to determine the size of an infestation and treatment options
  • A Pest Professionals response should be measured and focus on solutions appropriate to the level of the problem


What can you do?

Prevention is important for stopping the spread of a bed bug infestation.  Bedbugs are known to be great hitchhikers and can hitch a ride on anyone.  We receive many calls concerning bedbugs and they are a growing concern in the Pacific Northwest. The AEPI website has more information on Bedbugs and steps you can take to prevent an infestation or what to do if you find you may have brought bedbugs home.  See our page

Bed Bugs | How to Get Rid of Them

If you are concerned about a bed bug infestation call us today. We will be happy to help you evaluate if you need to take further steps.

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