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The Best Pest Control is Pest Prevention

Exclusion of pests is the best pest prevention method.  Exclusion programs focus on core areas and take into consideration a structure’s unique features and purpose. Pest Control Management Professionals can provide advice on excluding pests from your home or commercial establishment.

Selecting a Pest Control Company

Small Ants, Carpenter Ants, Termites, Yellowjackets and the list of pests invading your home and disturbing your peace goes on.  You know you need the help of a professional but who should you hire?  What should you know before you hire a pest control service?

How to choose a Pest Control Company does not have to be stressful.  This article will offer some sound advice to help you select a professional pest control service you can trust.

You Found One Bed Bug Do you have an infestation?

You Found One Bed Bug-Now What? PCT (Pest Control Technology) a Magazine for the pest control professional recently put out an article “You Found One Bed Bug -Now What? January 18, 2017”   Pest Control Professionals offer advice and suggestions to help...

The best way to get rid of ants forever

Seeing Ants?  Thousands of ants can live in a colony, those seen foraging outside or in your house are only a small percentage of an entire colony.   Using natural solutions or other products to treat only ants seen will not stop an infestation. The best way to get...

Cockroach Prevention and Do It Yourself Advice

1.  What signs indicate the presence of Cockroaches Turning on a light and seeing them scatter away Seeing live cockroaches during the day Picking up an appliance or other items and seeing them or their feces. Odors such as a strong oily or musty smell may be present...